Sports Injuries

             The spines proper state before strenuous activity increases the body’s ability to withstand the rigors and movements required for Sports and other athletic activities.  Maintenance of the spine, discs and ligaments can help increase Mobility, Agility and Flexibility.

Chiropractic adjustment of the spine as a maintenance routine will allow for increased physical ability, improve range of motion and can protect the body against sports related injury.

            Maintenance of the spine’s proper ALIGNMENT and strengthening of the muscles that support it will help to improve the body’s ability to withstand the demands of sports activities
     Dr. Michael Setliff D.C. will help you to develop a maintenance routine to help keep your spine and body ready for sports.

Diversified Techniques / Trigger Point Therapy

          Many sports related injuries respond well to Diversified Techniques and Trigger Point Therapy treatments.

          Diversified Techniques are used to realign the spine and release the tension in muscles and ligaments that have been misaligned by the constant twisting, turning and stress on the body.  With an in depth understanding of the spines natural alignment, Dr. Michael Setliff D.C. will examine the spine and other parts of the body to identify misalignment, inflammation and other abnormalities that are causing pain.  He can then apply firm and quick movements to release the tension in the affected area allowing for  ‘re-alignment’ of the spine.

          Trigger point Therapy is used to identify and manipulate the source of pain.  Many times, an injury will begin in one area of the body that will radiate to pain in other areas of the body.  The ‘trigger point’ area is not always the most painful.  In many cases, pain is present in other areas of the body that become misaligned or stressed from the body’s natural tendency to try and protect the injured area.  Trigger Point Therapy focuses on the injured area from where the pain is generating, releasing the stress at the source and working to release tension in other areas of the body.

Common sports injuries, such as strains, sprains and pain in joints, muscles and ligaments are treated by relieving stress and inflammation resulting from physical demands on the body.
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