Impairment Ratings

Impairment Rating

Impairment Ratings

When your workplace injury is determined to be irreversible or may be further irritated with the continued performance of the activity that caused it, you may be categorized as having a permanent, semi permanent, or long term ‘IMPAIRMENT.’ Impairment can by physical, mental, mild, severe, temporary or permanent.  Dr. Setliff specializes in the determination of Impairment and their ratings.

EMPLOYERS, INSURANCE COMPANIES, and WORKERS COMPENSATION ATTORNEYS use an IMPAIRMENT RATING SCALE to calculate and quantify the extent of the injury and how it will affect your ability to perform the functions and continued requirements of your job.

Dr. Michael Setliff D.C. recognizes that proper assessment and treatment of injuries and the resulting possible limitations requires understanding of how the injury affects the patient’s ability to return to work.

When the ability to return to work is affected for an extended period of time, it is very important that Employers, Insurance Companies and Attorneys receive the proper reports, medical records and information from your doctor.  Dr. Michael Setliff D.C,’s experience with proper application of IMPAIRMENT RATING SCALE criteria assures you that all your paperwork will be properly submitted.

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