Body Health

Body Health

          You don’t have to have an injury to benefit from Chiropractic adjustment

Body Health includes Proper alignment of the spine that can reduce pain, improve mobility, agility and protect the body from unnatural movements.


Diversified technique

          Diversified technique is more commonly referred to as the ‘cracking’ or ‘popping’ of the bones & joints, mostly in the Spine.

          Quick and precise pressure is applied to the affected areas to release tension and facilitate the Spines Natural alignment.  Proper Spine adjustment can be affected by simple, every day movements or repetitive, low or high impact activities.

          Repetitive work movements, Sports Injuries and Automobile accident impacts can all affect the Natural alignment of the Spine.

Diversified Technique adjustments can offer instant relief and minimal, if any, Pain.  Mild soreness may be experienced as the Spine reverts to a more Natural and healthy state.

Trigger point Therapy

          Trigger point Therapy is a technique used to manipulate ‘trigger points’ of pain in a muscle, which is likely causing pain in other parts of the body.

          The Muscle develops a ‘knot’, which can be sore to the touch, or extremely painful, but may be causing aches, pains and sometimes limited mobility, in other parts of the body.  These ‘knots,’… when ‘softened’,…, release to allow the muscle to ‘relax’ and allow the body to heal.

     Similar to having muscle spasms, or a “Charlie Horse’ in your leg.  Relief is achieved by pressure, stretching and massaging the ‘knot‘ in a cramped muscle, relieving the radiating tension and pain.

                    Headaches that result from Trigger points in a Shoulder or Back muscle are a good example of how Trigger points can cause pain in different parts of the bod

Trigger Point Therapy can be painful as the affected ‘knot’ is usually rather sensitive.  Although manipulation of the ‘knot’ can cause mild, localized pain, there is usually a noticeable ‘release’ of               pressure and pain as gases are released and blood flow is improved.  Relief can usually be felt right away, possibly accompanied by a few days of soreness.

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