Work Injuries

Work Injuries

Dr. Setliff D.C. has several years of experience Identifying the cause and best treatment for work place Injuries.

Relieving PAIN is Dr. Setliff’s first priority. The goal is to apply Diversified Techniques that offer the best and most accommodating treatment plan for optimum recovery from most Work Related Injuries.

Many on the job activities can develop in to an injury over time.  Constant repetition, lifting, bending and other Unnatural Movements can result in PAIN with long term continued physical activities that are a part of everyday employment.

One of the most commonly known workplace injuries is Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, which results from a constant repetition of certain movements, such as typing, hammering and parts assembly activities throughout the day and over the course of several months and years.  The body adapts to the necessary strains required by the repeated movements and will eventually begin to cause inflammation of the tendons and ligaments resulting in PAIN and limited mobility.

Dr. Michael Setliff D.C. is very familiar with how inflammation and irritation of tendons and ligaments in a wrist or other parts of the body can spread to the spine.  Many times, the repetitive movements are tolerated by the body until the irritation continues to expand and pinch nerves that connect to the spine and cause more profound symptoms.

Spinal ManipulationTrigger Point Therapy and IMMOBILIZATION of the affected area are successful treatments for helping to release the tension that compresses the nerves, causing PAIN, NUMBNESS and TINGLING of the affected area.

Chiropractic treatment has been successfully used as a non invasive alternative to surgical correction of Carpel Tunnel and other Work Related Injuries.

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