Pain Management

Pain Management

Automobile accidents, Work Injuries, Sports Injuries and daily routine Personal Injuries can distort your spines natural alignment and cause PAIN from your bones, muscles and ligaments. Chiropractic Care can help with Pain Management.

Dr. Michael Setliff D. C. and the Crown Chiropractic staff are proud to have been RELIEVING PAIN for
Laredo Tx. and surrounding area Patients for over 20 years.

Therapeutic alignment of the spine, or Spinal Manipulation, can:

reduce PAIN

help to Correct the Spine’s Natural Alignment,

allow for Improved Function,

AND protect the body against harm from

Unnatural movements that can cause Pain.

Imagine if you will, a rubber band.
In its natural state, the rubber band has a certain shape and elasticity. 

After several uses, or ‘unnatural’ movements, the rubber band changes shape, and elasticity is Reduced.

After being stretched, it can not return to its former elasticity.

This ‘unnatural’ movement is similar to many of the things we do to our bodies on a daily basis.

Even more ‘unnatural’ movements are experienced as the result of

*   Automobile Accidents,

*   Work Injuries,

*   Sports Injuries

AND every day

*   Physical Activities.

‘Unnatural’ misalignment, stretching, impact, repetition or hyper extension of any of the bodies many muscles, bones, ligaments or tendons, (even the most minor ones), can result in SEVERE PAIN.

Chiropractic manipulation strives to return the body back to its   NATURAL   elastic state.
Unlike the rubber band that will never return to an improved state of elasticity,
the body is able to adjust back to much, if not most, or all,
of its natural state with CORRECTIVE ADJUSTMENTS.

Just as muscle loss can be reversed by ‘building up’ muscle,


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