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About Crown Chiropractic

Dr. Michael Setliff D. C. and the Crown Chiropractic staff are proud to have been
RELIEVING PAIN  in  Laredo Tx. and surrounding areas for over 20 years.

Dr. Michael Setliff DC is IR/MMI certified and provides Pain Relief and care for patients in the southern Tx area.  Patients have come to know Dr. Michael Setliff DC for providing not only immediate care for pain and injuries,... but also routine 'maintenance' care, to keep the body protected from painful movement or injury.

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We Provide the Following Services,...

Pain Management

     The spine relates to most of the nerves in the body.  There are various Major Components of the Spine.  

     Proper alignment of the Spine can improve Function, reduce PAIN, increase mobility and improve conditions that can cause an imbalance in Overall Health.  

      Dr. Michael Setliff D. C. treats many ailments that are related to the imbalance and misalignment of the Spine and other parts of the body.

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Sports Injuries

     Proper alignment of the spine can increase performance ability and reduce the likelihood of injury.

     Common sports injuries, such as strains, sprains and pain in joints, muscles and ligaments are treated by relieving stress and inflammation resulting from physical demands on the body.


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Auto Accidents

Automobile accident injuries are varied and unique.  Impact injuries are not always easy to identify and symptoms are not always obvious right away.  Many times the emotional trauma of a car accident causes your body to go in to ‘self preservation mode’, releasing endorphins to act as a barrier to pain.  It may be that you will begin to experience PAIN and other symptoms as much as a day or two AFTER the accident.  The most commonly known Automobile Accident Injury is Whiplash,

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Workers Compensation - MMI/IR Certified

     Dr. Michael Setliff D.C. is MMI/IR Certified and able to determine Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and Impairment Rating (IR) per Worker’s Compensation Requirements. Several years of experience identifying the cause and best treatment for work place Injuries allow for proper application of Impairment Rating Scale criteria.

     Work place injury from prolonged repetition of unnatural movements and on the job accidents can cause PAIN and limit mobility.

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Dept. of Transportation Physicals

     Get your Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) required physical exam.  Includes vision, hearing, blood pressure and all D.O.T. Physical requirements.

     We are now offering Department of Transportation Physical Exams.  We understand how important it is to have a thorough Physical Examination to qualify for your CDL License.

Body Health - Diversified Techniques / Trigger Point Therapy

     Body Health Maintenance treatments can help to reduce pain, increase mobility and Protect the Body against Unnatural movements.

     Diversified Techniques are used to realign the spine and release the tension in muscles and ligaments.

     Trigger point Therapy is used to identify and manipulate the source of pain.  Many times, an injury will begin in one area of the body that will radiate to pain in other areas of the body.

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Dr. Setliff D.C. looks forward to reducing your Pain and Increasing your Mobility!

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